The WRI 2018 meeting will contextualize the concept of Undetectable= Untransmittable (U=U) in women's lives, with a focus on issues specific to women. These issues are varied and intrinsically related to the complex dynamics of women's lives, including relationships, sexuality, poverty/access to treatment, attention to health and well-being, stigma and more. The WRI 2018 will feature presentations by experts examining the potential opportunities and challenges of U=U for women. We will review the science and evidence behind U=U and delve into current efforts to disseminate these messages. We will specifically focus on what U=U means for women, from the biology of breastfeeding to power dynamics in women's relationships. We will highlight the role of U=U in battling stigma and will discuss ethical issues related to U=U, including the impact on women who inject drugs or whose partners do so, as well as the role and impact of policy efforts on U=U. The meeting will also focus on how the WRI can ensure that women are included in messaging around U=U and how to create what may be particularly nuanced messages on the topic.


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