The Well Project's Women and Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) 2020 convening will focus on Research at the Intersection of HIV and Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Current Context:  Best Practices, Gaps, and Barriers.  Sexuality plays an important role in the lives of many (if not most) women, including those living with HIV.  Sexual and reproductive health extend far beyond the ability to make choices about whether or not to have children and to express oneself sexually.  Reproductive health means more than family planning; it also means safe and worry-free childbirth.  Sexual health means more than the absence or management of the disease; it also means experiencing desire and pleasure.  Yet sexual and reproductive health among women has been a relatively underexplored area of HIV research.  In the context of HIV, these aspects of health take on additional meaning for women, given that most women acquire HIV through sex and the biological potential for women to transmit HIV to their children. 


The WRI 2020 will establish a baseline understanding about the intersection between HIV and women’s sexual and reproductive health and review the most recent and relevant research on the topic. We will explore the current policy environment and address its impact on women living with HIV. We will address the meaning and role of sexuality in the lives of women living with HIV. We will discuss biological, behavioral, and social issues specific to trans women living with HIV. We will share challenges, successes and best practices in advancing relevant research and the application of its findings to programs and policies. We will also create an action plan to help move the field forward. As with all WRI meetings, we will also focus our efforts on identifying actions that individual WRI members can take to address the gaps and challenges in this research and its implementation.


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