Guest Presentation: Harold Phillips, Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy (he/him)

Quality of Life panel discussion
Venita Ray (she/her) – moderator
Andy Spieldenner (he/him)
Cecilia Chung (she/her)
Vanessa Johnson (she/her)

Health Care Access Expansion
Phil Waters (he/they) – moderator
Linda Dixon (she/her)
Christina Adeleke (she/her)
Moisés Agosto-Rosario (él/he/him)

Civil Rights & Justice
Maryanne Tomazic (she/her) – moderator
Jada Hicks (she/her)
Teo Drake (he/him)
Teresia Otieno (she/her)

Voting Rights & Racial Justice
Ernest Hopkins (he/him) – moderator
Christopher Walton (he/him)
Tana Pradia (she/her)
Guillermo Chacón (he/him)