To reserve a room for Business Development / Executive meetings during CES at the AT&T host hotel (The Cosmopolitan) please follow the instructions below.
We recommend reserving meeting rooms as early as possible as meeting space is limited.
Room assignments for completed meeting reservations will be made available December 16, 2016 via the coordinator's reporting site -- this separate link will be emailed to the coordinator upon submission of the first meeting reservation.
While we will adhere to room assignments as much as possible, there may be instances that necessitate a meeting be relocated.  Rather than share meeting locations that could be changed, please advise your attendees to check-in at our Registration desk located in the Condessa Commons area on the 2nd floor of the hotel and they will be escorted to the meeting. 
Reservation Process:
  1. Complete the Meeting Reservation Form and all required fields
  2. Email confirmation will be sent to the Coordinator for each meeting
  3. Confirmation information will include:
    • Details of the meeting reservation
    • Instructions on how to return to the link for any changes and updates
    • Instructions on how to access all reservations the Coordinator has submitted
  4. Coordinator is responsible for:
    • Maintaining and updating meeting reservation (including attendees)
    • Canceling meeting reservation if necessary
  5. Click here to begin the meeting reservation process.
For questions regarding your meeting reservation please contact:
Debbie Cooke                                                     OR                         Kelly Kubie                                
540-368-1739                                                                                    404-986-1816