Welcome to the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions Convening Registration Site! 

We are excited about our upcoming convening of the AIDS United (AU) Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions performance sites taking place June 5-7, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia.

Hotel Information

The Key Bridge Marriott

1401 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22209

(703)  524-6400

Organizational Representation
Performance sites should plan to send the following staff to the convening:
  • Jails Intervention: Both Care Coordinators, Program Manager, Principal Investigator, Data Manager (5 total)
  • Peer Intervention: Both Peers, Administrative Supervisor, Principal Investigator, Data Manager (5 total)
  • Patient Navigation Intervention: Both Navigators, Administrative Supervisor, Principal Investigator, Data Manager (5 total)
  • Buprenorphine Intervention: Clinical Coordinator, Primary Physician, Principal Investigator, Data Manager (4 total)

If it is not possible for these staff to attend the convening, please reach out to Joseph Sewell at AIDS United and let us know if another member of your team could attend instead. If your team feels that it is highly preferable for an additional team member to attend, please reach out to Joseph Sewell at AIDS United.

All expenses will be paid by each individual organization; airfare, mileage, hotel, ground transport and per diems, and should be included in your monthly reimbursement invoice request submitted to AIDS United.

Room Arrangements

We will arrange hotel accommodations for all attendees who are traveling from outside the Washington, DC area based on the information provided on your registration. We expect that you will participate in all of the planned convening activities.  

Attendees are expected to arrive at the hotel in time for the 8am start on Wednesday morning and stay until the end at 12:00pm on Friday.  Please do not make any flight arrangements prior to 2:30pm on Friday.

**Please do not contact the hotel directly.  We will send you confirmation numbers for the nights requested in your registration process.  You will be required to provide a credit card upon check in for your room charges and incidentals. If you are not able to provide a credit card upon check in for your room charges and incidentals, please contact Joseph at AIDS United or Shannon at Meeting Masters.”

Group hotel rate is $285/night including all tax and fees

Cancellation/Early Checkout

Please note that all attendees are required to adhere to the hotel's cancellation policy 48 hours prior to arrival. Attendees who do not notify AIDS United of their intent to cancel their reservation 48 hours before check-in will be responsible for all penalties incurred. 

**Any changes to your registration should be communicated to shannon.cooke@meetingmasters.biz


Registration must be complete by Friday, May 3.



For questions regarding the convening, please contact Joseph Sewell.

Joseph Sewell

Program Associate




For any questions regarding registration, please contact Shannon Cooke:

Shannon Cooke