Welcome to the Southern REACH Convening Registration Site! 
The full-grantee convening will take place from Tuesday, March 14th through Thursday, March 16th at the Ace Hotel New Orleans. A grant-writing workshop will be held on Friday, March 17th and those individuals attending will receive additional relevant information shortly.
Hotel Information
Ace Hotel New Orleans
600 Carondelet Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Room Arrangements
We will arrange hotel accommodations for approved attendees who are traveling from outside the New Orleans, LA area.  We expect that you will participate in all of the planned convening activities.  All attendees are expected to arrive at the hotel by the morning of Tuesday, March 14, unless you have pre-approved alternate arrangements. 
**Please do not contact the hotel directly.  We will confirm your hotel reservations for the nights of March 14th and 15th (and where applicable, the 16th). Additional night requests are based on availability and at the expense of the attendee.
Please note that all attendees will be required to present a credit card upon check in to cover any incidental costs incurred. If this will be an issue, please contact Liam Cabal (lcabal@aidsunited.org) as soon as possible.
Cancellation/Early Checkout
Please note that all attendees are required to adhere to the hotel's cancellation policy 48 hours prior to arrival.  Attendees who do not notify AIDS United of their intent to cancel their reservation 48 hours before check-in will be responsible for all penalties incurred. 
**Any changes to your registration should be communicated to Debbie Cooke (debbie.cooke@meetingmasters.biz) and Liam Cabal (lcabal@aidsunited.org) as soon as possible.**
In the event that an attendee checks out prior to their reserved checkout date, an early departure fee will be charged to the guest, and the attendee will be responsible for this fee.  Attendees wishing to avoid this fee must advise AIDS United prior to check-in.
Travel Information
AIDS United will also cover round trip coach airfare and certain ground transportation costs. 
**AIDS United will not cover or reimburse airline luggage fees should you decide to check your bag for your flights in and out of New Orleans.
Air Ticketing: Upon completion of your REGISTRATION, you will be contacted by our travel agent concerning your travel to and from New Orleans.  Meeting Masters, Inc. has been instructed to arrange for the least expensive flight possible without causing undue hardship to the traveler. 
**Registration should be completed no later than 5 PM on Friday, February 10, 2017 and Travel arrangements should be completed no later than Friday, February 17, 2017.
All travel fees are non-refundable.  Airline tickets may only be used by the person for whom it was purchased.  If an individual is unable to use the purchased ticket for the meeting, the grantee organization will be expected to reimburse AIDS United.
You are expected to arrive by the morning of Tuesday, March 14th and should not plan to have your return flight prior to 5:00pm on Thursday, March 16th or 5:00pm on Friday, March 17th if you are attending the grant-writing workshop.
**Please note that if you wish to travel outside of the convening travel dates, AIDS United will cover the cost of travel as long as it does not exceed the cost of travel over the approved dates.
Ground Transportation
If your agency is located two hundred (200) miles or less from the meeting location, you are expected to travel via automobile (unless instructed otherwise) and will receive mileage reimbursement for ONE vehicle AFTER traveling to the meeting.  The distance will be determined by AIDS United staff using Google Maps or another mapping website and will include roundtrip mileage from your organization's address to the convening hotel in New Orleans.
If you will be parking at the hotel, AIDS United will make specific arrangements with the hotel so that you will not be expected to pay out-of-pocket for parking on site.  When instructions about parking are sent to those who indicated they will be parking on site, please be sure to carefully follow those instructions.  Therefore, we will not be reimbursing you for any costs associated with parking.
**If you have indicated that you will be traveling by automobile and your organization is further than 200 miles, you will be reimbursed based on the government reimbursement rate for mileage up to the amount of what an airline ticket would be.
Meeting Stipend
AIDS United will provide conference attendees who are not local to New Orleans with a travel per diem following the meeting, to help offset the out of pocket expenses associated with local transportation, off-site meals, and other expenses.  Per diem amounts are calculated using federally-approved rates and the amount of your per diem check will be based on the number of days in attendance.  Per diems will be made out to your grantee organization and the distribution of the per diem to individuals is based upon the organization's policy on such matters.  Therefore, each organization is required to submit a W-9.  You can download the W-9 here.
While we are confident that your per diem amounts will cover all reasonable travel costs, please note that attendees are responsible for managing their out-of-pocket expenses. AIDS United will not reimburse attendees for related costs that are above and beyond what is covered by your per diem payment.
For questions regarding the convening, please contact Liam Cabal:
Liam Cabal
Senior Program Manager
202-408-4848 ext. 257
For questions regarding registration and travel, please contact:
Debbie Cooke